About Jeroni Investments

Jeroni Investments is a tertiary sector investment firm founded in 1988. We are proud that in this time, Jeroni Investments has carved a niche in this sector particularly in the developing economies.

Our strong presence in the South American and South East Asian economies is a testament of our capability and visionary founders.

Jeroni Investments is continuing to seek and find and exploit potential investment in the tertiary sector is the above economies as well as the Middle Eastern economies. Each day is a step in our journey to expand our tertiary sector portfolio.

Our Objective

We at Jeroni Investments, have as our objective, the saying of Sir John Templeton: "For all long-term investors, there is only one objective - maximum total returns after taxes"

This objective forms the core vision of Jeroni Investments. We realize and accept our duty to our private investors, which is to,

  • source for investment opportunities
  • research the opportunities diligently
  • exploit the opportunity ethically
  • maximize the return for our investors.

Our investors are almost entirely comprised of private investors who are high worth individuals and high worth families.

Ethics form the core of our corporate culture. Our "SAY NO TO CORRUPTION" policy is the key factor in our business ethics. For our investors, we are dedicated to maintaining their privacy and anonymity.

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